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Orchid Posters - Epiphytic Orchids Poster

Posters - Epiphytic Orchids Poster

American Orchid Society
The Orchid family has over 30,000 naturally occurring species and more than 110,000 registered hybrids

Epiphytic Orchids: Leilia purpurata, Cattleya mossiae, Sophrolaeliocattleya, Encylia corigera, Dendrobium, Dracula vampira, Miltonia, Phalaenopsis schilleriana, Ascocentrum mimiatum, Psychopsis Kalihi, Anguloa clowesii, Angraecum sesquipedale, Phalaenopsis amabilis, P. Soroa Delight, Beallara, Renanthera matutina, Stanhopea reichenbachia, Brassia maculata, Amesiella philippinensis, Oncidium Golden Viper, Vanilla, Bulbophyllum echinoabium, Cirrhopetalum, Cirrhopetalum medusae, Odontoglossum Parade, Coryantes gernotii, Masdevalia ignea, Platystele stenostachya, Lycaste aromica, Brassavola nudosa

Full color 24 X 36 inch Epiphytic Orchids Poster illustrating different types Epiphytic Orchids with short descriptions of each type of Orchid
Growing Skills Levels and Temperature Key
$20.00 ea.

Please Note: In order to provide you a fair representation of the poster - this image may take a while to load. However, the original posters are of a much higher quality than you will see here.

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Epiphytic Orchids Poster

Epiphytic Orchids Poster (POORE) - $20.00 +  S/H

Orchid Posters Set (POORS) - One Each: Epiphytic Orchids Poster (POORE) and Terrestrial Orchids Poster (POORT) - $38.00 + S/H


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