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All of these posters are out of print.  However, some are being reprinted!  Check back for more in stock posters.

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Please note: Almost all of these posters are out of print.  When stock is gone they may never be available again, but please check back for reprints.

Forest Floor Mushrooms Poster

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Orchid Poster

Medicinal Mushrooms Poster

Poisonous and Psycotrophic Mushrooms Poster

Edible Forest Floor Mushrooms Poster

California Wines
24 X 36
Medicinal Mushrooms
#POMMP - $20
24 X 36
Poisonous & Psychotropic

#POPMP - $20
24 X 36
Forest Floor Mushrooms
#POFFM - $20

Two - 12 X 36
Wines Set
#POWINE - $30

Exotic Tropical Fruit Poster

Epiphytic Orchids Poster

Terrestrial Orchids Poster

Orchid Posters Set:
1 - Epiphytic Orchids Poster
1 - Terrestrial Orchids Poster

24 X 36
Exotic Tropical Fruit
#POXTF - $20

24 X 36
Epiphytic Orchids
#POORE - $20

24 X 36
Terrestrial Orchids
#POORT - $20

Orchids Posters Set
#POORS - $38

Heirloom Tomatoes Poster

Spices and Culinary Herbs Poster

Shellfish - Edible Mollusks

Dried Chili Peppers - Black Backgroung

18  X 24
Heirloom Tomatoes
#POHRT - $14


24 X 36
Spices & Culinary Herbs
#POSPC - $20

24 X 36
Shellfish - Edible Mollusks
#POMOL - $20

24 X 36 (Dried) Chili Seco
Black Background
#POCSB - $20


Chili Seco Poster - Dried Chili Poster

Fresh Chili Poster - Chili Fresco Poster  

24 X 36
(Dried) Chile Seco
White Background
#POCSW - $20

24 X 36
 (Fresh) Chili Fresco
White Background
 #POCFR - $20


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Click on any POSTER IMAGE to see an enlarged view.

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